заработать на вложениях бтс

Investing in Bitcoin

Why do people invest their money in Bitcoin? Bts is becoming more expensive, you can only get a limited amount of bitcoin. The capacity for mining btc is required more and more, so bitcoin will continue to grow in price. Investments in bitcoin can be easily converted into any other currency and withdrawn to almost any payment systems. In this article, we will look at different options for investing bitcoin to make a profit in cryptocurrency and other currencies. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of such investments.

Why invest Bitcoins somewhere?

Those who earn Bitcoins are better off investing in various types of Bitcoin investments. This method of investing bitcoin gives you savings on the conversion rate. The profit from such investments is also accrued in bitcoins.

Where do they invest their BTC most often?

One of the most well - known ways to invest btcoins is cloud mining. This is a lease of computing power. The investor purchases a contract (units of power) (MH/S, GH/S) from a site that provides cloud mining services. Power units determine the speed of calculations per unit of time.

When choosing a cloud mining site for investing bitcoins, it should be remembered that such sites are often closed and disappear with investors bitcoins. During the year, out of 10 such sites that I monitored, 8 disappeared, and only 2 continue to work. How long they will still function no one knows.

Investing Bitcoins in cloud mining is a big risk! One of these sites is the most reliable for today-this Eobot . You can also mine other cryptocurrencies on this site. Small capacities for bitcoin mining are given free of charge.

Output from 100000 satoshi. The author of the article does not recommend investing your bitcoins in new cloud mining projects, this is a very unreliable investment, only time can show whether there will be reliable or not investments in a new project. But in 80 % of cases out of 100%, the investor will lose their investment.

There are sites that take a deposit of BTC

Free Bitcoin - there are several opportunities to earn bitcoin on this site, including a free roll tap, bonuses, lottery tickets, the site thus attracts customers, and earns money on bets and roulette.

The resource also offers to store their bitcoins on the site's deposit, and the investor stores their BTS on the site's account and receives 4.8% of the profit per year from their invested coins, this method is very similar to a bank deposit. The site has been working for a long time, values its reputation, but you must remember that there are always risks of losing your savings, since you entrust your funds to third parties. But as long as it is a reliable site, it is popular, makes a profit and is not going to close. Similar sites are likely to not return the money at all. Especially suspicious are sites that promise high interest rates, these are fraudulent sites and it is not worth investing your money there.

Investing Bitcoin in investment projects

There are various investment projects where you can invest your bitcoins at interest. But most of these projects will be closed even before you have to get your interest, this method is not a 100% guarantee of getting your money back and more interest.

Forex transactions as Bitcoin investments

At the moment, Forex offers its clients crypto accounts. In bitcoin, the value of a point is measured. Forex is also a risk. But there are strategies that demonstrate a small profit, and the risk of losses is reduced to almost zero. If the client himself can not participate in trading on the exchange, he can transfer the management of his assets to the broker, but you need to remember that the broker is not responsible for your losses in any way, but receives a percentage of your income. Therefore, if you do not have extra money, it is better not to take risks and not to trust your money to brokers. If you trade on the exchange yourself and without leverage, the risks of losing money will be less.

Investing in iron to earn bitcoin

For bitcoin mining, ASICs are needed, which quickly become obsolete and can burn out, the price in March 2021 is around 500,000 rubles for one such asic. He fights back in about 11 months. And it is almost impossible to sell such an ASIC for mining after its obsolescence. You can mine on it for two years, but it will give the main profit in the first half of the year.

Many miners in the CIS countries collect mining farms on video cards, they can mine different coins for two or three years, but mostly it is ether, and you can make a profit from mining in bitcoin. You can then also sell these cards and return up to 50% of the money invested for them. The farm of 6 video cards (the price of which is 500,000 rubles) is repelled for about 10 months, the profit per day is 1800 rubles. After the sale, you can again invest money in new video cards, and again invest the bitcoins you have already received from mining, buying yourself a new more powerful mining equipment.

An ordinary home computer for such a purpose as bitcoin mining is not suitable!

Since we decided to start mining bitcoins as an investment of bitcoin, it is important for us that the cost of investing in equipment and the electricity bill does not exceed the cost of the received bitcoins. I can immediately say that it is not profitable to mine bitcoins on your home computer, bitcoin cranes give much more satoshi.

Every two weeks, the complexity of bitcoin mining increases by about 1.2 times.

Approximately 70% of all the bitcoins you have mined will be in the first half of the year after the purchase of a new asic, with an increase in the complexity of the task by 1.2 times a week, the performance of ASIC in bitcoin mining will fall every week.

In 2020-2021, the fee for transactions with bitcoin has increased and mining brings a stable profit