How to withdraw Bitcoin?


In this article, we will consider how to withdraw bitcoins to a bank card. How to convert bitcoins to any currency through exchangers and exchanges. What is better to use for Bitcoin withdrawal exchanges or exchangers?

Withdrawal of bitcoin to a bank card

How to withdraw bitcoins to the card? Bitcoins can be withdrawn to the card through exchangers or cryptocurrency exchanges. This can be done very easily and quickly, and there are many reliable resources on the Internet for this.

Bitcoin withdrawal via the exchange

We will not list all the reliable exchanges that can be used to exchange cryptocurrency. It should be noted that in order to conduct transactions on exchanges, you must pass standard verification. The withdrawal of bitcoins to rubles through the exchange will not be difficult. Now there are many proven exchanges on the Internet. In Russia, this is an exchange on a WebMoney wallet. Very reliable exchange with phone support in Russian.

Transfer bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet to your WebMoney bitcoin account, then you sell your bitcoins for rubles on the exchange, the money goes to your WebMoney ruble account, and then you withdraw the rubles to your bank card.

The withdrawal of bitcoins through the exchange is the most profitable, since we sell bitcoins through the exchange at the most favorable rate.

Withdrawal of bitcoin through exchangers

If you decide to withdraw bitcoins to the card through the exchanger, the procedure will take a minimum of time. Verification for the exchange of btc in exchangers is not necessary, so many people prefer this kind of money transfer.

The best collector of exchangers today is BESTCHANG. This resource contains proven sites that provide exchange services.

You transfer your bitcoins to the wallet specified in the exchanger, and the exchanger sends rubles from its bank card to your bank card account. Exchangers charge a commission for the withdrawal of bitcoins to a ruble bank account. Exchangers have accounts in all popular banks, so you can withdraw your bitcoins to the card of any bank.

Security measures when withdrawing Bitcoins

When withdrawing bitcoins, you must observe security measures, do not withdraw your bitcoins to the account of an exchanger with a bad reputation and withdraw bitcoins through the first available exchanger. It is better to study what is written about such an exchange on the Internet and see the date of creation of the site.