The forecast of the bitcoin exchange rate. What does the rise and fall of BTC depend on?

bitcoin price

The price of Bitcoin depends on the belief in it. The more people believe in the growth of this currency, the more they buy it, and the more the price of bitcoin increases.

The capitalization of the Bts market is an important factor of the Bitcoin exchange rate. Two important values are constantly recorded in the global BTS turnover network, this is the total number of all bitcoins in circulation and how many billions of dollars were spent on their purchase.

When the demand is growing, and the supply does not keep up with it, the rate rushes up, when someone throws a large batch of Bitcoins on the market, the Bitcoin rate falls.

As a rule, the value of Bitcoin falls when new financial laws against the use of Bitcoin are being prepared.

So what will the bitcoin exchange rate be in the next 5-10 years?

In many countries, bitcoin is very popular, it is legal, it is traded on the stock exchange, goods are sold for it, bitcoin is easily converted into any currency.

There are a number of experts who predict the growth of bitcoin at times, entire industries produce equipment for mining bts. Therefore, bitcoin will continue to exist in the near future, it will expect constant growth with small pullbacks.

Our forecast is that bitcoin expects growth in the future, since its number is limited, and there are more and more people who want to buy it, it will reach a million dollars over the next 5-10 years!

Now many owners of big money who have made them legally and not quite legally invest their money in bitcoin, since it is reliable and no one can confiscate them if you download the blockchain and store your BTC on your computer, preferably without access to the Internet. And also many companies invest their money in cryptocurrency, so collecting btc on cranes and not spending it is the right decision, if there is no extra money to invest, and you don't want to risk it, in the future these insignificant amounts will turn into a fortune. Many people have already understood this, who started collecting bitcoin a long time ago, for example, in 2015, when cranes gave 1000 satoshi of bitcoin every 5 minutes, and there were many such cranes, and bitcoin cost only $350.