What is Ripple?

Cryptocurrency RippleRipple is not only the name of a cryptocurrency, it is a company that provides an opportunity to send money around the world and exchange currency through its global payment network RippleNet.

The Ripple cryptocurrency is open source, it is not anonymous and therefore it is not exactly a cryptocurrency, but something in between a cryptocurrency and previously used electronic money.

The Ripple project is currently continuing its development, this "cryptocurrency" is one of the most popular and popular coins on the network. The platform of this coin does not use blockchain, unlike Bitcoin, and Ripple seeks to compete not with Bitcoin or Ethereum, but with the main money transfer systems. Ripple uses real-time transfers and guarantees security.

What Ripple wallets exist and how secure are they?

Wallet for storing cryptomonets XRP

There is no official ripple wallet yet, but there are reliable and proven wallets for storing the XRP token.

Let's consider several types of ripple storage, and you choose the most convenient one for yourself.

Wallet on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not very reliable for long-term storage of tokens. Cryptocurrency exchanges are often attacked by hackers, the exchange can close at any time. And in general, it will be very difficult to prove that the coins disappeared through no fault of your own, if they disappear through the fault of intruders.

Of course, most exchanges value their reputation and do everything to protect the funds that their clients have entrusted to them. But there are no unique technologies, which means it is still possible to hack them. Many exchanges keep part of their cryptocurrencies on cold wallets without Internet access, but the exchange on the back must keep significant funds for operations, so the risk of losing funds as a result of hacking the exchange or hacking your wallet always remains.

Online wallets

Online wallets are quite reliable, but it is better not to use them for long-term storage of large amounts. Still, you trust your money to third parties, and this is always a risk, even if it is small.

We offer you to get acquainted with one of these wallets, a reliable wallet for storing ripple - Coinbase. Coinbase is a popular multi-currency wallet, you can store not only xrp, but also most other popular cryptocurrencies on it, which is very convenient for users who use not only XRP, but also other cryptocurrencies.

This wallet offers, in addition to the usual wallet for storing tokens, also an online "safe" for storing crypto coins - increased reliability for storing cryptocurrency. It is very easy to use the safe. You send your coins from a regular wallet to the "safe", this is done very simply, for this you need to click on the link send to the "safe" and you will be asked to enter two e-mails, which will simultaneously receive requests to transfer your money from the safe to a regular wallet on Coinbase, and only after confirming the transfer requests, after 48 hours the coins will arrive to an active account (wallet) Coinbase from which you can withdraw your coins to third-party addresses.

There are a lot of online wallets that also offer to store ripple on their resources.

The most popular online wallet where you can store ripple is GateHub - a platform with support for several types of assets.

Cryptonator-popular among Russian speakers.



Each of the web wallets has its pros and cons, registration on online wallets is similar to registration on the exchange.

Hardware wallet

A hardware wallet is suitable for long-term and reliable storage of ripls, it is an electronic device created specifically for storing cryptocurrencies. The degree of protection of a flexible device is significantly high and is second only to cold wallets without Internet access, but as we said, there is no such wallet for XRP, so the most secure storage for ripple is a hardware wallet.

One of the reliable and convenient such wallets is Ledger Nano S which supports more than 1100 types of currencies, and costs from 6500 rubles.

There are quite a lot of such wallets, but because of their high cost, they are purchased only by those who are going to store large amounts of cryptocurrency and are afraid of hacker attacks.

Here are some more hardware wallets for Ripple:

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano Blue


Cool wallet S

Mobile (software) wallet

A mobile wallet is a program that is installed on a phone, in fact, it is comparable in reliability to an online wallet, but it is still more reliable. You will only be able to log in from your device. But your device can be attacked by hackers and steal your coins. Its main advantage is that it will always be at hand. But your phone can also be stolen from you, and it is very difficult to protect your phone from viruses.

The most common mobile applications, such as Coinbase and Atomic Wallet, are available in the App Store and on Google Play.

Cold (heavy) wallet

There is no cold wallet for ripple, this is understandable, since ripple does not use the blockchain system, and the cold wallet downloads all the operations of the coin to its computer from the day of its foundation (the entire blockchain of the coin), and no one has access to this wallet except you, such a wallet is usually stored for security without access to the network.

So we are moving on to one more reliable and free way to store XRP coins.

Paper wallet

Paper wallet-guarantees the highest degree of security and is second in reliability only to the "cold wallet". Its essence is that the personal key is generated without an Internet connection, printed on paper through a printer, and stored only with you.

For XRP, this can be done using the Ripple Paper Wallet Generator.

But you need to understand the degree of responsibility of saving the key, if the key is lost, then no one will help you get access to your wallet and your coins will be lost forever.