Overview of the Monero cryptocurrency (XMR)

What is the Monero crypto coin (XMR)?

The Monero cryptocurrency (XMR) is completely anonymous, all Monero balances are not available for viewing, and transactions cannot be tracked, the transfer amounts are hidden.

Anonymity is in demand today more than ever, and therefore this year the Monero rate and the number of transactions in the system have increased significantly. The popularity of monero on the black market is very high and continues to grow, following the popularity of the value of Monero will also grow.

Monero appeared on April 18, 2014, and occupies a high place in the rating of cryptocurrencies. The price of Monero is $ 273 at the time of writing. The block size is not limited.

What is the special feature of the Monero crypto coin?

From the technical side, Monero is a fork of Bytecoin. Bytecoin was the first to use the cryptographic protocol CryptoNote, but although the coin was liked by the crypto public, it was still considered not as promising as it deserved, users did not like the fact that 80% of the issue was already mined in the first days of the coin's existence, it was strange, so Bytecoin decided to restart under a different name.

The proven cryptographic protocol CryptoNote, which has existed since 2001 and has proven its worth, has 2 types of private keys-view key (shows the balance and transaction history), and a separate spend key (manages the wallet and makes transfers). Stealth addresses allow you to exchange a shared key, but it remains secret for both parties.

Ring signatures – the ability to sign a transaction on behalf of a group of users (it is called a ring) in such a way that no one can calculate who exactly signed it. It helps to hide the real transfer input, mix payments in the block chain.

What's new with Monero?

To date, the main team of Monero has 7 developers, among whom the most famous and public are Ricardo Spagni and Francisco Cabagnac, and the rest prefer to work under pseudonyms.

Among the latest updates is a new official wallet that syncs with the blockchain at 400%

Купить Монеро

Как купить криптовалюту Monero

You can buy Monero cryptocurrency on the exchange or buy another cryptocurrency on the exchange, for example, bitcoin and exchange it for monero. The BTC/XMR pair can be found on popular platforms: Bithumb, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Kraken, HitBTC

Monero Mining

Cheap central processing units are suitable for mining Monero, but Ryzen series components proved to be the best on this algorithm. Monero MiningYou can find a suitable pool on the monitoring service https://miningpoolstats.stream/monero. The choice is quite extensive, more than thirty services are engaged in XMR mining. The Monero cryptocurrency network ranks 6th in terms of hashrate. On the largest pool https://minexmr.com / 12,000 miners are working. If the power of your computer allows and there is a desire to earn, you can try.

Кошелек для Monero (XMR)

For Monero Coin wallet

There are many different Monero wallets that differ significantly from each other.

The MyMonero wallet is the simplest and most reliable for working with monero, it was created by the coin developer Ricardo Spagni.

Monero has its own official wallet, heavy and inconvenient, but reliable and secure, but requires installation and synchronization with the blockchain. The official mobile wallet will soon be available for monero users.

If you are planning to start a Monero wallet to collect crypto coins from taps, the Atomic Wallet multi-currency wallet is a very good solution. This wallet supports all popular and little-used tokens and allows them to be exchanged between each other.

Forecast for the Monero crypto coin:

Forecast for the monero cryptocurrency

Liquidity is a crucial survival factor for cryptocurrencies. Only forty tokens, which is less than 0.45% of their number, have a market capitalization of more than $ 3 billion. Monero refers to the" elite " of digital currencies. And although their current position in the ranking does not guarantee success, it has a high potential for survival and development in the future. The number of new members continues to grow, and the ratings are rewritten daily.

The popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the World is increasing every day, more and more companies and individuals are investing in various tokens, and if the monero development team continues to develop its project, it will be able to attract many new investors and the Monero coin will rise in the cryptocurrency rating.


XMR cryptocurrency is completely anonymous, its uniqueness and popularity lies precisely in the fact that it is impossible to track the transaction carried out on the network. Many users are used to this coin and often use it for their payments, it is one of the favorite coins of the darknet. Monero has recently increased in price, and there is every reason for its further development, as anonymity is becoming more and more popular these days.