What is Feyorra (FEY)?

Feyorra Token and its wallets

Feyorra ( FEY) is a new crypto coin of the FaucetPay micro wallet, it is not considered by the creators as a token for investment.

FEY uses a new kind of stablecoin mechanism called direct incentives. It is more efficient in terms of capital, has a fair distribution, and is fully decentralized. The Protocol uses the value it controls to maintain liquid secondary markets.

The coin can be converted on a micro wallet to any other crypto coin that is available on FaucetPay and withdrawn to the wallet. The cost of 1 Feyorra (FEY) is 0.004 USD.

Where to store FEY coins? Wallets for the Feyorra coin

FEY Wallet

A special wallet for the Feyorra cryptocurrency has not yet been created.

How can it be that there is a coin, but there is no wallet for this coin? FaucetPay offers to use cryptocurrency wallets to collect Feyorra coins Aether and Tron .

To collect coins from FaucetPay faucets, it is enough to link your tron or ethereum wallet to your FaucetPay account on a micro-wallet.

History of cryptomonets FEY

Feyorra is a very young coin, the issue of the coin Feyorra was announced for early January 2021 by FaucetPay.

The first trading of the Fey currency began on January 09, 2021. The nominal value of the cryptocurrency at the beginning of trading was declared 0.015 US$. Previously, back in December 2020, FaucetPay conducted a free distribution of Fey in the amount of 2450 Fey to the wallet to each old user who has an account on a micro-wallet.

Feyora-project of the FaucetPay micropayment wallet

FaucetPay is a website company that provides the market of cryptocurrency services with the opportunity to conduct transactions with low amounts in various cryptocurrencies.

Such micropayments are made to their users by cryptocurrency faucets and bookshelves. Working with FaucetPay, crypto faucets avoid high transaction fees and users of such resources can receive their coins without commissions. The faucets site opens an account on FaucetPay and replenishes it with the necessary cryptocurrency, the faucets user also registers on FaucetPay and thus the payment directly goes from the faucets to the user bypassing the blockchain, and therefore the commission.

Feyorra price and trading volume

To date, Feyorra (FEY) is traded on the crypto exchanges: CoinTiger and Bithumb Global. The maximum trading volume is observed for the FEY / USDT trading pair.

At the beginning of May 2021, Feyorra (FEY) is estimated at around 0.004-0.0046 USD, on April 5, 2021, the cost of Fey reached $ 0.01107744. It can be noted that over the past month, the coin has decreased in price by 2.5 times.

The daily trading volume at the beginning of May 2021 is on average $ 110,478, as of April 5, 2021, the trading volume was $ 300,414, we can also note that the amount of daily trading has decreased by 2 times over the past month.

On February 2, 2021, the price of fey soared to its maximum-up to $ 0.02365886, the daily trading volume of the Fey cryptocurrency on February 11, 2021 reached its maximum value in its existence - up to $ 638,267.

Advantages of the Feyorra cryptocurrency

1. The coin can be easily converted into any cryptocurrency. Feyorra can be exchanged for FaucetPay without interest for any other cryptocurrency available on FaucetPay at the current exchange rate at the time of the exchange.

2. Feyorra is traded on the CoinTiger and Bithumb Global exchanges.

Disadvantages of the Feyorra cryptocurrency

1. The main drawback of the Feyor crypto coin can be considered its dependence on the FaucetPay project-a micropayment wallet.

2. High Coin Volatility Fey.

3. Inflation due to the payment of dividends to banks.

Where you can get a coin for free Fey?

The token can be obtained for free on crypto faucets, which distribute Fey coins to their visitors for free.

To receive the coin, you need to log in to the website-faucet, enter your wallet, pass the anti-bot and click on the "get rewarded" button.

The coins will be credited to your FaucetPay account

Coins are credited to your FaucetPay account?

The Fey rate is inextricably linked and depends on the existence and development of the FaucetPay micropayment resource. Any negative news related to FaucetPay will negatively affect the value and capitalization of the cryptocurrency of this project - Feyorra.

It can be noted that since the beginning of its existence and the entry into the market of cryptomonets, Feyorra has been rapidly losing in price throughout the entire time. This is probably due to the failures of the FaucetPay resource, a limited circle of people in the crypto community who use and know the FaucetPay resource. And it may also be due to distrust of the Fey coin and the FaucetPay micropayment resource in general.

In the future, the Fey coin may grow after bitcoin and other tokens, if the FaucetPay company proves its reliability and can attract new users to its resource, and in general becomes a more recognizable resource.

Digital currency mining Fey

Fey developers do not provide mining and all coins have already been created.

Feiorra will distribute 40% of the initial offer through Wager Mining. Users are rewarded for placing bets in FaucetPay.io games. The bet is $1 in any cryptocurrency that is available on the games.

"Mining" is done automatically - 0.07 FEY is added to your wallet every 3 hours.


Feyorra - this is a commercial project of the company FaucetPay, this company is known in the crypto world as a resource for micro payments from cryptocurrency faucets.

It can be noted that over the past month, the coin has decreased in price by 2.5 times, perhaps the decline in the Feyorra rate was influenced by the fact that FaucetPay announced a hacker attack and the theft of cryptocurrency from their resource, as well as stopped payments for some time to FaucetPay users.

Such actions and events dealt a blow to the trust in the company FaucetPay, and since the Feyorra cryptocurrency is inextricably linked with the FucetPay project, therefore, this could not negatively affect the Fey rate.

Feyorra is still a little-known cryptocurrency with a small capitalization and a small daily trading volume.

How the coin will behave in the future depends on the developers of this project, so far, they have not managed to stop the declining trend in the value of the coin, which we have been observing for the past four months since its foundation.