Heavy Ethereum wallet for your computer

ethereum?There are many different Ether wallets that differ significantly from each other. The most reliable is the wallet that we store on our computer with all the operations of the blockchain, but such a wallet is not convenient due to its large size.

Ethereum.org - the official client of Ethereum Wallet, which is installed on the user's computer with all the operations of Ethereum, for its installation you must have a productive computer and, most importantly, a roomy drive

A full-fledged cryptocurrency wallet can not be called the most convenient options for storing digital eth coins, but with their help you can provide your money with proper security.

Before you put the client for Ether on your PC, you first need to understand whether your machine will be able to pull such a program normally. The optimal configuration is as follows:

OS version — any platform from Windows 7 and above will work. With this, no one should have any problems (hardly anyone is still sitting on XP).

Processor-any chip running on 4 cores will do.

RAM — the minimum requirement is 4 GB. But if you want your computer to not slow down when working in parallel with your wallet, browser, and other applications, it is better to have 8 GB or more on board

Hard disk-everything will depend on what type of desktop storage you put: thick (downloading the entire blockchain of the Ethereum network) or thin (without complete synchronization). In the first case, it is necessary to focus on models with a volume of 2 TB. The fact is that the weight of the entire Ether database (as of 17.08.2018) is 667.10 GB, and the volume will constantly increase, which means that you need to have a solid margin. Of course, you can do with a terabyte drive, but then you will have a minimum of free space, and the entire computer will have to be allocated exclusively for the wallet. In the case of thin wallets, this will not be a problem. Their weight will be limited only by the volume of the program itself, which is several tens of megabytes.

Online wallet Ethereum

Storage Wallet Ethereum

There are online wallets that store your Ether coins and you should fully trust such resources, as unreliable sites can steal your tokens over time. If you choose an Ethereum wallet online, then one of the most reliable and convenient is the wallet Coinbase . This is a good multi-currency wallet, it allows you to enter any minimum amount without commission. On this wallet, you can store, send and receive most of the popular cryptocurrencies, which is very convenient and does not require you to create separate wallets for each crypto coin, in which you can easily get confused.

Coinbase is reliable, easy to use, and has a safe-deposit box for cryptomonets.

Paper Wallet

We can also mention "paper wallets", which are also reliable wallets, but do not require downloading the entire ethereum blockchain to your computer.

We will examine the paper wallet of the Ether.

How does it differ from other wallets?

Consider the paper wallet of Ether.

Wallet EthereumGo to the site MyEtherWallet.com. If the site is opened in English, you can change the language to Russian at the top of the site.

Click "Create a new wallet”.

Create a password and download the Keystone file to your computer. Using the data in this file, you will be able to log in to your Ethereum wallet. Don't forget to save your password.

Do not lose the keys and password from your paper Ether wallet, as you will not be able to recover them and will lose your coins forever.

All your Ethereum wallet is ready. Now you can manage your coins, send and receive Ethereum on the resources of the Ether paper wallet. The sites through which you connect to the blockchain do not have access to your coins.