coin bitcoinThere are many different currencies in the world, and people are used to keeping their money in banks. As for the cryptocurrency, in this case bitcoin, it is a special currency, it does not belong to any state, this currency is not stored in a bank and provides complete anonymity of transactions. More detailed: What is Bitcoin?

Where can I store my Bitcoins?

To store your bitcoins, receive them, for example, free with bitcoin fausets, to send other users to their bitcoin wallets, to pay for purchases and services on the Internet in BTC, you will need your own bitcoin wallet.

What is the difference between the bitcoin payment system and other payment systems?

One of the most important differences between the bitcoin payment system and the usual electronic money is decentralization. No organization on Earth controls Bitcoin. For bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, you can buy goods on the Internet, pay for services completely anonymously.

You can create as many bitcoin wallets as you want. There is no need to link your wallets to your name and address. All transactions with bitcoins are transparent, you can track the entire history of transfers. Therefore, if you have an openly used bitcoin wallet, then anyone can see all your transactions, but no one knows whose wallet it is and only you can say that it is your wallet. There are no limits to the use of your funds. Anyone who has a btc wallet can pay anywhere and for anything, send bitcoins to anyone. Bitcoin transfers cannot be banned, and after sending BTC, you will not be able to return it back. Only if the recipient itself does not perform a new (reverse) operation.

How hard is it to get a Bitcoin wallet?

To create a bitcoin wallet, you only need an e-mail address. A Bitcoin wallet is created without unnecessary questions and confirmations. The ease of getting a wallet allows you to have multiple wallets. After receiving the wallet, you can immediately start using it.

What types of Bitcoin wallets exist?

Bitcoin wallet

For any owner of a bitcoin wallet, the issue of reliability and convenience of storing bitcoins is important. There are two types of bitcoin wallets. Storing bitcoins on your computer and online bitcoin wallets. You can use two types of bitcoin wallets, each of which is good in its own way.

What is the difference between Bitcoin wallets?

Bitcoin wallets use their own computer or mobile device as storage. To use these wallets, you need to download and install a special application on your computer. In this case, you will have local storage for the key files. There are several types of such wallets - a thick and thin wallet.

For thick bitcoin wallets, you need to download the full block chain and constantly load new blocks. For thin ones, this is not required, you can operate with all the data on third-party services.

An example of a thick Bitcoin wallet is the Bitcoin Core wallet and Armory.

An example of a thin wallet is the MultiBit Bitcoin wallet and Electrum.

There are also wallets specially created for mobile devices.

An example of such a bitcoin wallet is the Bitcoin Wallet

The mobile wallet is installed on smartphones, and settlements can be made using QR codes or NFC technology.

Separately, consider storing your bitcoins in an online wallet

Bitcoin wallet online has a number of advantages, you do not need to download network blocks, and this saves your time, management of such a bitcoin wallet is carried out from various devices, so it does not matter where you are and from what device you manage the funds on your bitcoin wallet, you only need Internet access for this.

An example of such bitcoin wallets is WebMoney and COINBASE.

Security of Bitcoin wallets

The most secure is a thick wallet with bitcoin storage on your computer. But working with such a wallet takes a lot of time and such a bitcoin wallet requires certain computer power.

A light bitcoin wallet is no longer so secure, as it does not load all the blocks on the computer, but uses extraneous resources.

Using an online wallet means trusting your bitcoins to outsiders. But modern online bitcoin wallets are well protected and in principle it is also reliable.

If you have a large amount of bitcoins, then you are better off using a thick bitcoin wallet with storage on your computer.

And if the amounts that you are going to operate with are small, then an online wallet is an excellent solution. You can have both an online wallet for small amounts and a fat wallet with storage on your computer for significant amounts of bitcoin.