What is Cardano (ADA), features of this cryptocurrency

What is Cardano?

The Cardano blockchain is an effective technology platform for launching financial applications. The internal token of the cardano system is the ADA cryptocurrency, which operates in the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL). CSL is the first layer of the distributed registry, where transactions between crypto wallets are processed. A Cardano Computing Layer (CCL) has been created to support decentralized applications.

The two-tier structure makes it easy to update the network protocol. Cardano developers used the new secure programming language Haskell. As a consensus algorithm, the Cardano cryptocurrency network (ADA) uses the upgraded Proof-of-Stake Ouroboros, created by Professor Aggelos Kiais. The creators call Cardano a new-generation cryptocurrency designed to expand the scope of digital coins and smart contracts in the global finance industry.

The ICO campaign lasted for two years from 2015 to 2017, and as a result, the project team managed to raise a pretty good amount of $ 62,000,000. Just a week after the launch, the market capitalization of Cardano increased to $ 500,000,000, and the daily turnover of ADA on trading platforms reached$ 100,000,000, so high was the interest of the blockchain community in the new coin.

The largest amounts of capital investment came from the countries of South-East Asia. The ADA cryptocurrency is still popular in Japan,South Korea and Thailand.

Wallet for Cardano

ADA Wallet

There are many different Cardano wallets that differ significantly from each other. Cardano wallet, which offers the official website yoroi-wallet.com.

There is another good option for storing cardano, this is a multi-currency wallet Coinbase.

What is convenient for such a wallet?

First of all, if you are going to store not one cryptocurrency, but many different cryptocurrencies, having a multi-currency wallet, you will not have to start a separate wallet for each crypto coin, it is very convenient to store all the coins in one place.

This is a good, convenient and reliable wallet, it allows you to enter any minimum amount without commission. For the withdrawal of funds, there is a small commission that miners receive, there is a safe on this wallet.

If you plan to start a Cardano wallet to collect ADA from taps, then Coinbase is a very good solution.