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The Best Bitcoin Faucets 2021 - Free BTC!


All are checked for Payouts. Last Update 03.03.2021

Free bitcoin 2021!

WE RECOMMEND IT! Best Bitcoin Faucet 2021!


The Best Bitcoin Faucets That Pay in 2021

1. Free Bitcoin - this is one of the best bitcoin faucets, the site values its reputation, it has been operating since 2015. "Free Bitcoin" is giving away free coins every hour. A roulette game, a number that falls from 0 to 10,000 determines the winning amount - from 4 to 3,250,000 satosh. The site additionally gives 2 lottery tickets for each of your visits and 2 prize bonuses, one bonus is equal to one bitcoin, sometimes the site holds a promotion and gives 6-10 bonus coins and 6-10 lottery tickets at a time. For bonus points, you can buy increased winnings, when during the day you will receive from 100 BTC coins at a time, as well as an increased number of bonuses and lottery tickets. To receive increased winnings, you must go to the "More" tab, and select "Rewards", then pay with bonuses for this game. You can also buy lottery tickets for bonuses. Every day Free Bitcoin sends a letter to your mail with a link to the "Roulette of Fortune". Winnings from 50 satoshi to 50,000,000, coins are immediately credited to your account. Withdrawals from the site are possible from 30,000 satosh to your wallet or from 10,000 to the FaucetPay micro-wallet, the payment is received within a couple of hours. A commission is charged for withdrawing funds. The most profitable and reliable Bitcoin faucet in 2021 after AdBtc!!! We recommend!!!

faucet - casino

2. AdBTC - this is the leader for today, if possible, get free bitcoin!!! A reliable time-tested faucet, has been working since 2017, pays 0t 31 to 2 satoshi for viewing ads for one site, there is no captcha when viewing ads. Withdraws from 10,000 satosh upon request to FaucetPay or from 30,000 satosh directly to your BTC wallet. Payment is made without commission. The site also has the opportunity to watch ads for rubles. Nice site, a pleasure to work on. Highly profitable crane!!! For a visit you can earn 500 satosh. The site is reliable, it pays!!! WE RECOMMEND!!!

faucet adBTC

3. CointiPly - there are many ways on the site to get bitcoin for free, roll faucet, browsing sites, watching videos, polls, bonuses. The faucet pays from 9 to 100,000 satoshis for a captcha every 60 minutes. Withdrawal is possible when the balance reaches 25,000 satosh, the funds are transferred to your bitcoin wallet. Output to Dogicoin is possible.

CointiPly - faucet btc

4. Best Change - bitcoin faucet is located on the site of the collector of cryptocurrency exchangers. The site gives from 2 to 1000 satoshis for free every hour. A generous resource, often gives not only the minimum salary, but 1000 satoshi at a time. Pays on request from 3000 satosh immediately to the wallet, withdrawal without commission. The faucet on the site is at the bottom left. The resource is old, working, btc was displayed repeatedly, The site values ​​its reputation, we recommend it !!!

Best change - Free bitcoins

5. FaucetCrypto - The bitcoin faucet site is similar to the AdBTC site, it makes it possible to earn such popular coins as bitcoin, ethereum, dogoin, litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, the site has offers to look at sites and for this the resource gives you some bitcoin or other crypto coins. Displays a faucet with a payout threshold of only 500 Satoshi BTC to your FAUCETPAY wallet account. Normal working site. The crane pays.

good site

6. Qashbits - BTC faucet site pays from 1 to 6 satoshi for viewing advertisements of one site, on the site you can view from 13 to 20 sites per visit, and it is also possible to get coins for visiting shortened links, polls. There is a lottery on the site. The site displays on faucetpay if there are at least 500 satoshi on the balance, which can be easily earned, a good work resource, the crane is checked, pays.

get free bitcoin

7. Daily Free Bits - the threshold for withdrawal from the site is 25 satoshis, a faucet is distributed for free BTC every 60 minutes, you can get from 2 to 1200 satoshis for 1 roll, pays on FaucetPay on request, after a request satosh are received instantly. The old faucet really pays.

Daily Free Bits

8. Bestcripto - A new excellent site with a fauset, which pays 3 satoshi and once a minute 3 сатоши. You can also earn money on it by watching ads, games, lotteries, receive bonuses, and visit shortened links. The resource pays in US dollars, withdraws in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies of your choice, before withdrawing, you need to transfer dollars to bitcoin on the site for free and request a payment. Pays to your main wallet and to FaucetPay. When withdrawing to FaucetPay, you must have at least 200 Satoshi. Generous faucet and site in general.

9. MultiFaucet - the site gives 2 satoshi every 0 min and immediately makes a payment to the micro-wallet without a request, the faucet is always full, light captcha, an old work resource on which you can earn a little bit of BTC

10. Bitcoinfaucet - The site pays 2 satoshi every 5 minutes immediately to FaucetPay automatically after passing a simple captcha. A good site, not overloaded with advertising, there is always money on the balance sheet.

11. Beebitcoin - An excellent bitcoin faucet, gives 2 satoshi at a time, no captcha, you can receive bts an unlimited number of times, the interval for a new coin request is only 1 minute, withdrawal from 10 satosh on the account, bitcoin goes to the Faucetpanel micro wallet. The crane pays, checked for payments.

collect free bitcoin

12. Mario BTC - good site, pays 2 satoshi at a time, the ability to receive bonuses, 1 bonus is 5 satoshi. Mario is an old proven faucet of the FaucetPanel family of wallet, BTC withdrawal from the site occurs on request with a balance of 1 Satoshi.

Mario btc - free btc give  away

13. Contyads - The new bitcoin faucet of 2021, which pays for viewing site advertisements, videos and clicks on banners, there is a free and paid membership, withdrawal of funds from the site is possible on request with your account balance of at least 10,000 satoshi, you can get your coins in other cryptocurrencies, so, for example, if you want to withdraw the earned coins in Bitcoin Cash, then for withdrawal you need to collect only 5000 on the account, which can be collected much faster than bitcoin. PAYEER and PERFECTMONEY money withdrawal to bitcoin is automated and money is received instantly on request without a payout threshold with a commission of 2%.

up to 150 satosh

What is bitcoin faucet?

btc faucet

Faucets are sites that give out cryptocurrency for free for visiting their resource.

Why are bitcoin faucets created? Such sites make money on advertising, high traffic of the resource is very important to them, therefore, to attract users, the site gives free coins to its visitors.

Anyone, having visited such a site and fulfilling a small condition (pass the captcha), can get absolutely free popular electronic coins.

What are the BTC faucets?

Faucets can inflate a variety of cryptographic "money", but Bitcoin faucets remain the most popular.

Cranes are cumulative and with instant payment.

a) Collection valves

Accumulative ones set different payment thresholds. For example: 100, 1000, 10,000, 20,000, 100,000 satosh.

b) With instant payment

Instant faucets send free bitcoins to your micro wallet (FaucetPay) immediately and give a link that the electronic coins have been credited to your account.

What sites to choose for earning BTC?

1. First of all, on this list, you can mark instant faucets with payment at FaucetPay.

2. Accumulating Sites-faucets with a small threshold of payments.

3. Sites where you can get 150-300 Satoshi during the day, so that you can reach the minimum threshold for the payment of funds in the foreseeable future. If the site gives 1 satoshi per hour and for withdrawal it is necessary to accumulate 20,000 coins, such a resource is not going to pay, since it is not realistic to accumulate this money.

List of Accumulative Bitcoin Faucets 2021 that Pay to View Sites

Such sites may or may not have a faucet in their classic form, but there will definitely be an opportunity to earn bitcoin for viewing ads, for this you need to register on the site, indicate your mail and BTC wallet. It is easy to get bitcoin, just follow the links or banners that the site offers and get coins. The site immediately writes how long you need to be on the advertised resource, from about 10 seconds to 1 minute, and includes a timer with a countdown, indicating the amount you will receive. The amount for viewing one ad is from 32 to 2 satoshis, there are many such advertisements on good promoted resources in one visit, you can earn up to 300 btc. By re-visiting the site several times a day, you can get more and more satoshi. The minimum amount on such resources for withdrawal to FaucetPay is from 3,000 to 10,000 coins, immediately to the wallet from 10,000 to 30,000 satoshi

1. Faucetspin - a new site is a faucet that pays for viewing sites, you can watch ads for bitcoins, ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin. The site has a bitcoin faucet that pays 10 satosh every 30 minutes. Withdrawal from the site of funds upon reaching 5000 satoshi to the FaucetPay micro-wallet at your request.

Faucet Spin

2. Btc Clicks - you can earn a little bitcoin on this site, the faucet is old, time-tested, it pays. Every 10 seconds you can get from 1 to 5 satoshi, withdrawal from 10,000 satoshi immediately to the wallet without commission. But there is one condition, this resource must be downloaded at least once every 3 months, otherwise your account will be blocked, unblocking is possible in the future, but your balance will be reset.

earn bitcoin for clicking ads

3. Coinpayu - BTC faucet on which you can easily get 2 satoshi every 30 minutes, the site also pays for viewing site advertisements, 3 satoshi for one site, there are always many ads, there are tasks and games. The site is cumulative, withdrawals are made from 4000 satosh to FaucetPay or 11000 satosh directly to your wallet. You can also earn Dogecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Nice working website, paying, working since 2018. You must visit the resource at least once every 90 days, otherwise you may lose the accumulated bitcoins.

coin payu

4. BTC Vic - in a few minutes on this site you can earn up to 20 free coins. For viewing advertisements of one site, you can get 1-2 satoshi, while viewing an advertisement takes 10-20 seconds on average. Withdrawal of bitcoins from the site is possible upon reaching the minimum threshold - 3000 satosh for FaucetPay and 50,000 btc for the main wallet. It is almost impossible to collect this amount, since there are very few ads on the site for which you can get paid.

Btc Vic

5. Ajoll - the site pays from 2 to 4 satoshis every 5 seconds, to withdraw funds from the tap, you need to accumulate 10,000 satoshis, for withdrawal a commission of 4800 btc is possible. The site pays to the wallet upon request. There is little advertising on the site yet, but getting satoshi is easy.

watch and earn

6. Gainbtc - a new bitcoin faucet, there is a faucet on the site, gives from 2-30 satoshi every 60 minutes, and it is also possible to view ads for sites for BTC, pay for each ad from 30 to 2 satoshi, you can still earn by visiting shortened links, the price of a visit from 10 to 2 BTS, withdrawal of funds is possible to your FaucetPay wallet when the balance reaches 5000 satoshi upon request, coins come immediately. The working site is a crane, not overloaded with ads, no pop-ups.

earn bitcoins

7. Bitcoinfree - a new site where you can get bitcoin for free for viewing ads, following short links, answering surveys, completing tasks, games, lotteries, prizes and bonuses. On the site, you can get 50-100 bitcoin satosh by browsing the sites per day. You can withdraw funds if you have at least 35 000 satosh on your balance, which come immediately to the main bitcoin wallet, are received within 48 hours, no commission is charged for the transfer.

free bitcoin


Best Accumulating BTC Roulette Faucets

1. Bitcoinsp - this site gives every 15 minutes from 5 to 30 satosh, and gives not 5 satosh all the time, but 11, 20, or even 30 satosh every 15 minutes, the game is visually attractive in the form of roulette, withdrawal from 20,000 coins without commission immediately to the wallet, plus 10% of the balance to be paid out for the daily tap visit. The most profitable bitcoin faucet for today, proven. pays. The withdrawal amount is easily accumulated thanks to the bonus for the daily visit.

bitcoin spin

2. Grab - a new site for earning bitcoin, the resource is checked, it really pays and you can get btc on it: on the tap in the form of a roulette from 2 to 300,000 satosh every 60 minutes, for viewing sites and videos, visiting short links, answering questions, completing tasks. The site has a lottery, bonuses, and many other ways to earn, it pays out when the balance reaches 500 satosh.


3. Satoshihero - faucet gives free bitcoin every 1 minute from 1 to 100 satoshi. There are other ways to make money on the site: viewing ads, visiting short links, polls and games. The payment is made to the wallet upon request with a balance of at least 30,000 Satoshi, withdrawal without commission. The resource has been verified for payment. Nice site, balance is combined with Satoshi Monster site.

Satoshi Hero BTC

4. Satoshi Monster - the faucet gives from 1 to 25000 satosh for free (on average 1-2 satosh) every 1 minute, the site has the ability to view ads for btc. The resource pays with an account balance of 30,000 Satoshi per wallet upon request. The old bitcoin faucet, time-tested.

Satoshi Monster


Free BTC with no payout threshold

1. BAGICOIN - every 10 minutes the site gives from 1 satoshi, the faucet is good with instant payment on request to your FaucetPay micro wallet. The faucet is time-tested, it really pays, there are other cryptocurrency faucets on the site that can be withdrawn to FaucetPay at once, more than 10 popular cryptocurrencies!

bitcoin bagi


Best Cumulative Bitcoin faucets with a payout threshold

1. Coinpayz - An excellent multicurrency faucet, in addition to the faucet, there are many other ways to earn bitcoin on it, these are polls and shortcuts, etc., it pays in US dollars, but displays in cryptocurrency of your choice, in bitcoins, at least 200 satoshes immediately to FaucetPay upon request. The crane gives 2 satoshi every 10 minutes. Proven, pays!

2. WidBitcoin - the faucet gives free satoshi every 60 minutes, 12 satoshi pays for a visit plus another bonus, withdrawal from the site takes 48 hours after the request, you can withdraw BTC when you reach a balance of 25,000 satoshi to your bitcoin wallet without commission.

3. Earnacrypto - The site has many opportunities to earn some bitcoin, this is a faucet that gives 3 satoshi every 30 minutes and visits to links, lottery, polls, bonuses and more. The site calculates the reward in dollars, which can be transferred to btc for free and withdrawn to the FaucetPay wallet. You can withdraw funds with a balance of 250 Satosh.

4. Big BTC - the faucet pays 3 satoshi + 15 satosh bonus, distributes coins for free every 5 minutes. Withdraw funds on request to faucetpay instantly if you have 200 coins or more on your balance. This site faucet has installed a complex captcha, but many users go through it easily. The crane is checked, it pays! Old work resource.



Reliable Cloud Mining

1. Eobot - Cryptocurrency mining. The best time-tested cloud mining, the site values ​​its reputation, has been operating since 2015, consistently paying users. Eobot withdraws from the site from 100,000 satosh btc, there is an exchange for other popular cryptocurrencies, in other crypto currencies, you can withdraw from 100,000 satosh of the selected coin, which is easier to receive with a small balance.

The best maining bitcoin


Best Bitcoin Faucets 2021 with Instant Payout at FaucetPAY

1. Coinfaucet - Visit this faucet site and get 2 satoshi every 5 minutes on FaucetPay instantly, the resource balance is always positive, never-ending faucet.

2. Claimfreecoins - the site pays 2 satoshi at a time, you can visit the resource every 5 minutes. Withdraws funds from the site instantly (without a request) to the FaucetPay wallet. Easy captcha, little advertising, verified site, pays regularly and there is always a sufficient number of satoshis on the tap on the balance sheet to send to its visitors to the wallet.

Claim free coins

3. FFaucet - faucet pays 2 satoshi every 5 minutes, plus bonuses for a daily visit. Light captcha. Little advertising. A good working non-drying crane.

4. One WAY Faucet - the site gives 1 satoshi every 60 minutes. Automatic instant withdrawal to FaucetPay, it pays, there is always money in the account for its visitors.

One way faucet

5. Tique - New excellent faucet, pays from 2 to 8 satoshis every 5 minutes automatically after passing the captcha, btc arrives immediately. The crane began to dry out sometimes, as its owner set a limit on the amount of payments per day.

6. Claim Bits - Pays every 5 minutes, gives from 1 to 10 satosh at a time. The site sends coins automatically to your FaucetPay after passing the captcha without a request and provides a link to confirm the withdrawal.

Claim bits

7. Fautsy - An excellent faucet for earning bitcoin, gives 1-2 satoshi every 5 minutes instantly without a request, pays on FaucetPay, there are always funds on the site's balance to pay for its visitors, an old time-tested faucet, always pays, a good working site for getting a small amount of BTC, little advertising, easy captcha.

Fatsy - fre btc

8. Konstantinova - old faucet is a long-liver, gives free bitcoin every 5 minutes for 3 satosh

9. I-bits - the site pays 1 satoshi every 5 minutes, there is little advertising on the site, and an easy understandable captcha, the faucet displays the bts itself without a request instantly to the FaucetPay wallet, there are always satoshi on the site's balance to pay users.

I bits

10. Gobits - the site is working, verified, pays, you can get for free every 5 minutes for 1 btc to your FaucetPay bitcoin micro-wallet. The tap is always full of coins and visitors are guaranteed to receive their payout. There are practically no ads on the site and easy understandable captcha for checking from bots.

Go bits

11. Xfaucet - bitcoin faucet pays 1 satoshi every 5 minutes for passing the captcha, automatic instant withdrawal to FaucetPay, faucet working, easy check from bots, always positive satosh balance on the faucet.

X faucet

12. lbtce - excellent instant faucet bts, pays 3 satoshi every 3 minutes to your FaucetPay account, money comes immediately automatically, the site gives a link that sent coins to your wallet. Pays, verified. The site has no pop-ups, few ads, light captcha.

every 3 min - 3 satosh

13. Keran - a new bitcoin faucet that pays 1 satoshi every 5 minutes instantly to your FaucetPay wallet. The payment is made automatically and a payment link is provided. Easy captcha, the site is not overloaded with ads, a normal working crane, always pays.

Keran bitcoin faucet

14. Claimclicks - Working faucet, gives 1 satoshi every minute instantly automatically on FaucetPay

15. Starbits - the site gives every 5 minutes 1 satoshi, light captcha, no unnecessary advertising, an excellent bitcoin faucet, which is time-tested, pays automatically instantly to the FaucetPay micro wallet. Always full.

Star bits


Bitcoin faucets that pay for a micro wallet FaucetPanel

1. Bandirun - bitcoin faucet game, this is a very old bitcoin faucet, it has been working since 2015, always pays, withdrawal on request from 500 satoshi. In the game, a running wolf collects apples, then we exchange the apples for bitcoins. You can play as long as you like, you can collect several hundred Satoshis per day.

Bandy runu unlimited free bitcoins

2. BTC FOX - The game is mining, there is also a bitcoin faucet on the site, which pays 3 satoshi 1 time per hour and a daily bonus of 5 satoshi. When mining, you can earn 500 Satoshi per day. To withdraw coins, you must have at least 500 Satoshi on your balance. The site pays to the Faucetpanel micro wallet, where you must first register.

BTC Fox Free Bitcoin Generator

3. Tomygamet - comics faucet + bonuses, every hour the faucet gives 24 satoshi, and there are also bonuses, you can view comics and receive free bitcoin, withdrawal of funds from the site is possible when the balance reaches at least 5,000 satoshi to the micro wallet and 25,000 satoshi to the main wallet.

tom bit jerry win Btc

4. Simba btc - watch comics, play the game and get some satoshi, every 5 minutes you can get 4 satosh, there are other ways to get additional btc on the site, you can withdraw money to a micro wallet, the payment threshold is 5000 satoshi.

Simba BTC -  play game win Bitcoin

5. Smurfgo - This site offers to play (running gnome collects coins). After collecting 25 coins, press the button again and collect again (the gnome collects them automatically). Then we change the collected coins to satoshi bts, 1 satosha is equal to 25 coins, you can withdraw coins to the FaucetPanel micro wallet at any time if you have 1000 satoshi on your balance. The crane is old, pays, checked.

SvurfGo - win  free Bitcoin

6. Digimon BTC - the site provides an opportunity for its users to get some bitcoin, for this you need to install the game. You can not install anything, but just collect bonuses, 10 satoshi at a time, withdrawal is possible for any amount (from 1 satoshi) at your request, the money goes instantly to the FaucetPanel micro wallet.

online game bitcoin


Cryptocurrency Micro Wallets 2021

The best surveys and tasks for bitcoins on the popular FaucetPay micro wallet

On this wallet send cryptocurrency practical all cumulative and instant taps in 2021, with a balance of 10,000 in the account you can withdraw money to your main wallet. The site has a free currency converter. The withdrawal fee for bitcoin in recent times is greatly overstated - 6000 satosh, this is associated with a heavy load on the BTC network. This is not profitable when working with cranes, so in this situation it is better to convert funds into another currency and withdraw without commission. For example in Dogecoin.

Vallet faucet pay

Expresscrypto - Wallet. Polls and tasks, a nany of faucets

Another popular micro-wallet to which many sites send their crypto coins to users, but ExpressCrypto has a lot of viral ads and sites that work with it are often marked viral by Yandex, so we will not leave links to them. Often, the same faucet gives you the opportunity to choose which micro-wallet to send money to, and if there is a choice, then it is better to prefer FaucetPay. Be vigilant when working on taps, always install a good antivirus on your computer, do not invest in little-known sites and do not download files from resources advertised on taps.

Express crypto wallet polls and tasks

Bitcoin micro wallet FaucetPanel

In order to receive the earned crypto currency to this wallet, you need to go through standard registration on it, indicate your email address and bitcoin wallet to which you plan to send your satoshki. This resource will automatically send you money to your main wallet with an account balance of 25,000 satosh

This wallet has absolutely no advertising, nothing superfluous, only receipts with your coins are displayed.

micro wallet


Before you start collecting free bitcoins from faucets, you must:

vallet bitcoin

1. Register a Bitcoin wallet to which the faucet will send your coins.

For example, for the CIS countries, a good solution is WebMoney. This wallet has a Bitcoin Exchange, if you are going to withdraw bitcoins to rubles, hryvnia, or other currencies of the CIS countries, as well as dollars, euros, then use this wallet as an option. Reliable and time-tested electronic coin wallet.

You can read more about how to open a bitcoin wallet and which wallet to choose. ... ...

2. We register an account on the FaucetPay micro-wallet.

FaucePay - micro wallet. To receive payments from bitcoin faucets, you need to have an account on Faucetpay, on it, when registering, indicate the number of your main wallet. Payments are received and accumulated at Faucetpay. This micro wallet allows one client to have many bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets, convert from one currency to another, store coins, and withdraw funds to major crypto wallets. Today it is the most popular and reliable micro-wallet BTC in the world and almost all faucets work with it, which send coins immediately to their users and reliable accumulation faucet sites to reduce the satosh payment threshold.

3. Go to the faucet site, for example FreeBitcoin (accumulative), this is one of the best stable Bitcoin faucets, register (registration is required on this faucet), enter the account, guess the captcha and click on the button: "Get paid". All satoshi are sent to your savings account on the faucet itself. After reaching the minimum threshold for withdrawing funds from the faucet, you can withdraw your bitcoins to your wallet.

4. Consider an example of receiving satoshi on a faucet site with instant payment (without registration): go to the Konstantinova website, enter your wallet address, go through the captcha and click the button: "Get a reward", satoshi will instantly go to your Faucetpay account.


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